New Books 8/7/17

Mothers play a leading role in several of this week’s offerings.  The mother-child bond, the loss of a mother, and the secrets hidden by a mother with a radical past are explored.   The Art of Death: Writing the Final Story by Edwidge Danticat Danticat discusses how to write about death using the author’s personal… Continue Reading New Books 8/7/17

New Books 7/31/17

This week’s line-up has books for crafty people who may be inspired by balls of colorful yarn, gorgeous quilt designs, or by vintage pieces to include in home decorating.  Also available are plenty of suspense thrillers and a little romance.   40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet by Leonie Morgan Morgan presents forty afghan crochet projects… Continue Reading New Books 7/31/17

New Books 7/24/17

Ever read a book that was so good you wish you could find another one just like it?  If you felt that way about The Girl on a Train you might want to check out The Marsh King’s Daughter  or The Secrets She Keeps.  According to the publishers of these books, they offer the same mesmerizing psychological suspense.… Continue Reading New Books 7/24/17

New Books 7/17/17

Among the interesting titles on this week’s lineup is Woolly which is the true story of some scientists who sequenced the DNA of a frozen woolly mammoth discovered in the Arctic Circle, a Jurassic Park-like tale.  In addition, there are some new suspense thrillers along with some popular authors who seem to crank out books weekly. Abiding… Continue Reading New Books 7/17/17