New Books 6/29/17

Shelf of new books

Magic, mysteries, secrets and suspense are all found in this week’s lineup!

Black Elfstone: The Fall of Shannara by Terry Brooks
A first entry in an epic four-part series concluding the Shannara Chronicles depicts a peaceful Four Lands that are invaded by a largely ignored, mysterious army whose true agenda is recognized by a band of outcasts who would expose the truth.

A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass
When a children’s book author dies and leaves his estate to Tomasina Daulair, his trusted assistant, Tomasina is tasked with overseeing some of his complicated last requests as she navigates her grief and reflects on her relationship with her late boss.

The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand
Twin sisters Tabitha and Harper Frost, who have been at odds for years, are forced together in the wake of a family crisis and reevaluate the resentments that drove them apart.

The Little French Bistro by Nina George
Following a failed suicide attempt inspired by her loveless marriage, Marianne Messman travels to Brittany with the intention of trying again but changes her mind when the guests of a charming bistro reintroduce her to life’s delights.

Lockdown: A Novel of Suspense by Laurie King
An anonymous enemy seeking revenge holds a classroom hostage during a career day at Guadalupe Middle School intended to curb truancy and gang violence

No Middle Name by Lee Child
A high-action anthology of Jack Reacher stories includes a previously unseen novella and 11 other stories collected for the first time in print, in a volume that complements each story with an original author introduction.

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. by Neal Stephenson

Intelligence agent Tristan Lyons asks linguist Mel Stokes to translate old documents proving that magic was once practiced, claims that motivate a shadowy government agency to send operatives back in time to keep it alive.

Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne Initiative by Eric Lustbader
Amnesiac secret agent Jason Bourne joins forces with dubious enemies when the murder of a high-ranking Russian official triggers a retaliatory plot to steal the U.S. President’s nuclear launch codes

The Switch by Joseph Finder
Discovering that he mistakenly picked up a Senator’s laptop at the airport that contains career-ending classified documents, Michael Tanner becomes the target of an unscrupulous fixer and a national security agency when he refuses to turn the device over.

Tom Clancy Point of Contact by Mike Maden
An ordinary audit turns deadly when Jack Ryan, Jr. helps investigate a potential investment opportunity, only to discover the dangerous past of his seemingly harmless assistant.

The Ultimatum: An International Spy Thriller by Karen Robards
A talented master of disguise who devotes herself to conning thieves and returning stolen money to its rightful owners hides her Robin Hood activities behind a day job as a personal assistant to her thief father’s alluring former partner.

You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson
Investigating remains found at a summer camp where a prank gone wrong led to the disappearances of two teens decades earlier, detective Lucas Dalton struggles with his father’s ties to the case while meeting with five former counselors to piece together what happened.