New Books 7/17/17

Shelf with new books

Among the interesting titles on this week’s lineup is Woolly which is the true story of some scientists who sequenced the DNA of a frozen woolly mammoth discovered in the Arctic Circle, a Jurassic Park-like tale.  In addition, there are some new suspense thrillers along with some popular authors who seem to crank out books weekly.

Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid
Family problems only strengthen sixteen-year-old Faith’s eagerness to be married and join the church, until a local paper publishes a story about a child who was kidnapped fifteen years earlier that raises doubts in her heart.

The Child by Fiona Barton
Investigating the discovery of a baby’s skeleton in a redeveloped section of London, journalist Kate Waters discovers links to the kidnapping of a baby from a hospital decades earlier before she is targeted by someone who wants to keep their secrets hidden.

Crime Song by David Swinson
Retired police detective Frank Marr discovers that his cousin Jeffrey is involved in a small-time drug operation, but when Jeffrey is murdered and Frank’s home is burglarized and his cherished music collection is stolen, he is determined to find the culprit.

The Duchess by Danielle Steel
Thrown out of her ancestral home by her brutal half-brothers after the death of their father, Angelique Latham makes her way to Paris, where she takes in abused streetwalkers and transforms them into upper-crust courtesans in an exclusive bordello.

Ernest Hemingway by Mary v. Dearborn
A full biography of Ernest Hemingway draws on a wide range of previously untapped material and offers particular insight into the private demons that both inspired and tormented him.

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica
When her husband dies in a car crash that her daughter survived unharmed, Clara Solberg comes to suspect that his death wasn’t an accident and begins an obsessive hunt for the truth.

A Game of Ghosts by John Connolly
Tapped by the FBI to search for a missing private detective who had been tracking a series of murders linked to reports of hauntings, Charlie Parker infiltrates a paranormal criminal empire that makes pawns out of both innocent and guilty people.

Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand
Forced to call a truce by a family crisis, estranged identical twins Tabitha and Harper reevaluate their bond and the resentments that drove them apart from their respective homes on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Last Laugh by Lynn Freed
When their empty-nest freedom is compromised by the demands of their grandchildren, three friends embark on a year-long excursion to Greece that is complicated by an extramarital affair, a stalking client, an ex and an unscrupulous fortune-hunter.

Murder Games by James Patterson
A tenacious Manhattan police officer determined to stop a serial killer who leaves playing cards at the scenes of unrelated victims teams up with a brilliant professor whose book has been connected to the murders against a backdrop of high-profile tabloid speculation.

Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World  by Mitch Prinstein
A clinical psychology professor examines why popularity plays such a huge part in human development and the impact it has on one’s happiness and success as an adult and discusses how to manage social impulses for inclusion in beneficial and gratifying ways.

Quiet Until the Thaw by Alexandra Fuller
A debut novel by the best-selling memoirist of Don’t Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight follows the experiences of two Native American cousins who become estranged by their different approaches to fighting cultural injustice and whose lives are disrupted by prison, parenthood and violence.

The Reason You’re Alive by Matthew Quick
Surviving a brain tumor linked to a wartime chemical exposure, David resolves to return a stolen object to a former Native American soldier from his past as part of an effort to find closure and recover from his wife’s untimely death.

The Reluctant Queen by Sarah Beth Durst
When a dying queen dispatches a champion to find a successor capable of protecting their realm from murderous spirits, a wife and mother of two is forced to choose a life of terrible risk in order to protect her loved ones.

The Right Side by Spencer Quinn
Disfigured from a war injury incurred during an operation she barely remembers, a woman veteran of the war in Afghanistan embarks on an obsessive search for her missing daughter before forging a deep bond with a stray dog and discovering new perils beyond the combat zone.

Take Out by Margaret Maron
When NYPD detective Sigrid Harald investigates the deaths of two homeless men in the West Village, she uncovers a poisoning plot, an intriguing neighborhood history, and the possible discovery of a long-missing painting that will rock the art world.

Understanding Trump by Newt Gingrich
A former Speaker of the House and Fox News contributor explains why Donald Trump is different from previous presidents and offers advice to the newest commander-in-chief.

Unsub by Meg Gardiner
A psychological thriller inspired by the unsolved case of the Zodiac Killer follows the efforts of a young detective who resolves to apprehend the serial murderer who destroyed her family and terrorized a city 20 years earlier.

Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive one of History’s most Iconic Extinct Creatures
by Ben Mezrich
Traces the pioneering work of a group of young scientists who sequenced the DNA of a frozen woolly mammoth harvested from the Arctic Circle to resurrect the extinct species as part of a larger effort to slow the advances of global warming.