New Books 8/20/18

Choose from our latest selection of books that includes popular authors, next in series, and some outstanding nonfiction.   Becoming Belle by Nuala O’Connor The charming eldest daughter of a nineteenth-century middle-class military family reinvents herself to gain entry into London’s cultural and social circles before falling in love with a young aristocrat whose brutal… Continue Reading New Books 8/20/18

New Books 8/13/18

From the humor of Miranda Sings to the suspense of Catherine Coulter, this week’s small shelf offers a variety of reads.  Health, politics, slavery, cults, and North Korea are all part of the mix.   Bloody Sunday by Ben Coes CIA top special forces operative Dewey Andreas goes undercover in Macau, where he must foil… Continue Reading New Books 8/13/18

New Books 8/6/18

Disappearance is a recurring theme in this week’s list.  Two teens disappear from a small town, a boyfriend disappears abruptly, a young girl’s bunkmates disappear from summer camp, and a daughter disappears and is later found with no memory of what happened.  Check out these new books before they disappear from our shelves!   America… Continue Reading New Books 8/6/18

New Books 7/30/18

In 2016, researchers at Yale School of Public Health analyzed data from a University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study.  This study had 12 years of data about reading habits and health.  They found a pattern in the 3,600 men and women over the age of 50 – People who read books for as little… Continue Reading New Books 7/30/18