Library Use

Patron Behavior and Library Usage

In order to protect all library users’ right of access to library facilities, to insure the safety of patrons and staff, and to protect library resources and facilities from damage, reasonable restrictions and appropriate safeguards to library access are outlined below.

We ask for your cooperation in maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to study and to pleasant use of the library. Persons using the library for purposes other than those for which the library was established may be asked to leave.

The following prohibited activities, conduct, and conditions are for the protection and comfort of library visitors and staff:

  • Eating, drinking, smoking, or possession or consumption of a controlled or restricted drug or substance or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Carrying a weapon into the library unless authorized by law.
  • Bringing in animals except those needed to assist a patron with a disability or animals used in a library program.
  • Misusing the restrooms (using them as a laundry or bathing facility).
  • Mutilating and/or stealing library materials or other library property.
  • Talking in a loud or abusive voice, making or receiving calls on a cell phone, or engaging in other disruptive conduct.
  • Interfering with another person’s use of the library or with the library personnel’s performance of their duties.
  • Entering non-public areas of the library without proper authorization.
  • Improper attire (shirt and shoes are required).
  • Backpacks or large bags may be searched for security reasons if the staff feels it is necessary.
  • All other offenses which are subject to prosecution under criminal or civil code of law.

Unattended Children

Library staff cannot assume responsibility for children left unattended in the library.

  • For safety reasons and the child’s protection, children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times.
  • If a child is still on library premises when the library closes for the day, an attempt will be made to contact a parent or guardian.
  • If a parent or guardian has not been located within twenty minutes, the Miami Police Department will be contacted.
  • A police officer will take the unattended child to the police station and a J.S.U. worker will be contacted to come and pick up the child.

Bulletin Boards

The Miami Public Library maintains a small bulletin board just east of the periodicals section to post public notices and notices of upcoming nonprofit meetings and/or nonprofit educational or civic events. Posting of informational materials by the Library does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs or policies of the sponsoring group.

Restrictions on posted notices:

  • Materials will be limited to no more than two weeks. They will be taken down the day after the scheduled meeting.
    Notices should not exceed 8.5” X 14” in size. Larger materials may be accepted and posted if space allows at the discretion of Library Director or designee.
  • The Library Director or designee may also determine that an item may be posted on the bulletin board in the south foyer although library related information or publicity for library-sponsored events will be given first priority.
  • Library will not be responsible for saving notices or posters.
  • No for-profit commercial or personal notices will be posted.
  • All materials submitted for posting are subject to the review of the Library Director or designee.