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Winter Bird Collage

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Christmas Tree Sun Catcher

3D Snowflake

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Love Book Art

Grab and Go kits are available for pickup at the library or you can message us and we will email you the directions.

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Rose Book Art


Library Quilt Project

Come by the library and color a quilt square and return it to the front desk to be added to our library quilt.
We will have the squares and markers available at the library and it won't take much time to take a seat, color and return it. Once all of the squares are colored we will make the quilt and have it up for display.
Please remember to practice safe social distancing and be sure to return the markers to the front desk so we can sanitize them.
Happy Quilting!
Library Quilt

Craft Deliveries!

Judy and Sonja are spreading some holiday cheer on a bright sunny day! They dropped off a cute snowflake craft with a candy cane and jingle bell necklace for the teens at the Boys and Girls Club.


Boys and Girls Snowflake Craft

Winter Bird Collage

Glue top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 of longest tree piece

Glue tree trunk to cardstock on right side

Glue tree limb in place, by slipping one end under the area of the trunk that was not glued

Glue sun in place

Snip cardinal feathers and curl up for 3-D effect

Do the same with wing feathers and glue in place

Bird is ready to be glued to tree limb

Add glue and a fluffy pile of snow to the ground

Christmas Tree Sun Catcher


  • Glue
  • 3 wooden craft sticks
  • 3 small jingle bells
  • Silver metallic pipe cleaner
  • 3-inch length of holiday ribbon
  • Cardstock (for tree trunk)
  • Green or patterned acrylic see-through sheet (could be a holiday treat or gift bag)



Gather your supplies

Glue craft sticks together to form a triangle

Cut the same triangular shape out of acrylic material & Glue the acrylic piece to the back of the wooden triangle.

Bend the pipe cleaner in a zig zag shape and slip on jingle bells

Glue the pipe cleaner to the wooden triangle where the bells have been added

Glue tree truck to the backside of the wooden triangle and add a ribbon loop to the top

Tree Book Art