Miami Public Library Strategic Plan 2019-2022

We recently completed our strategic plan document to guide the next three years.  This process started at the end of last year when we asked the community to complete a survey and then began holding focus groups.  We also created a Needs Assessment that included demographic information about the community, library statistics, our Edge benchmark scores, our Impact Survey results, and the results of the community survey and focus groups.  A lot of work went into this document and represents input from community members, Library Board members, Friends of the Library members and library staff.

A strategic plan helps us to set priorities and focus our energy and resources in the best way possible.  While the plan doesn’t list all we will do, it does list our three strategic goals and some actions we will take toward accomplishing those goals.  It is a dynamic document.  We are using it for setting objectives this fiscal year, but we are also open to improving it through revisions made over the next 3 years.  We would welcome input from our community on how we can better serve you.


Needs Assessment

Strategic Plan July 2019-June 2022

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