Oklahoma Private Investigations

Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma (LTAIO)

Let’s Talk About It, Oklahoma is a great way to connect with neighbors over books and ideas.  It is a reading and discussion series which consists of 4-5 sessions, each featuring a book from the chosen discussion theme. A humanities scholar opens each session telling about the author’s life, giving historical context to the book, sharing its contemporary relevance, and explaining how the book ties into the overarching theme. Participants then discuss their own thoughts about the book.

Starting in August we will offer the series Oklahoma Private Investigations.  The books in this series were selected based on three criteria: a well-plotted mystery with believable characters, a balance of different styles of mystery or crime writing, and a serious use of recognizably Oklahoma physical and social settings—whether actual or fictional.  Do they meet the criteria?  Let’s talk about it!

Sign up at the front desk and get a copy of the first book. Each monthly discussion will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the upstairs meeting room.

If you are not able to participate in the discussions but are interested in reading the books, we will be happy to order them for you through interlibrary loan.  Ask at the front desk for more information.

The Old Buzzard Had It Coming by Donis Casey
Thursday, Aug. 8
A housewife and mother of a large family investigates the murder of a neighbor who happens to be her daughter’s boyfriend’s father.

Letter from Home by Caroline Hart
Thursday, Sept. 12
A young reporter becomes an investigator and is driven by professional and personal motives to uncover the truth after officials have closed the case.

Capitol Offense by William Bernhardt
Thursday, Oct. 10
Ben Kincaid attempts to defend a college professor who has all the known facts stacked against him.

Twisted Perception by Bob Avery
Thursday, Nov. 14
Detective Kenny Elliot is set up by a killer and must go rogue to solve the latest string of killings in Tulsa.

The American Café by Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
Thursday, Dec. 12
Sadie Walela leaves the banking profession and purchases a small café, but when the former owner is murdered she finds herself in danger.

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