Core Announces the 2021 Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction list!

When new book lists are announced, our Children's Librarian and other staff take time to go through the lists and choose new titles for our collection.  Click the logo below to see the list of new Teen titles we now have available!


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Who is ready to do a winter reading challenge? Our challenge begins January 1st, 2021, and goes through February 28th, 2021! The goal is to read 10 books! If you read 10 books you will receive a free book. Read 5 books and get a prize for getting halfway there.

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2021 Sequoyah Book List has been Posted!

With this award, Oklahoma honors the Native American leader Sequoyah, for his unique achievement in creating the Cherokee syllabary. Sequoyah chose eighty-five symbols to represent all spoken sounds of the Cherokee language. In so doing, he created a way to preserve his people's language and culture.

The Sequoyah Book Award is a set of three annual awards for books selected by a vote of Oklahoma students in elementary, middle, and high schools

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High School Master List

Intermediate Master List

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