New Books 10/8/18

It is natural to respond with fight or flight when we feel threatened.  This very human response also makes for a page-turning read as we consider the response to threat of a character in a story.  We can feel the tension as we contemplate what we would do in that character’s place.  This week’s offerings… Continue Reading New Books 10/8/18

New Books 10/1/18

We are drawn to books for a variety of individual reasons, but certain key elements might be the fast-paced action in a plot driven thriller or the beauty of language in a literary work.  Well-developed characters are often a key element. Some of the characters in these new books are dealing with the past by… Continue Reading New Books 10/1/18

New Books 9/24/18

  21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari The New York Times best-selling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus shares probing insights into such present-day issues as the role of technology in transforming humanity, the epidemic of false news and the modern relevance of nations and religion. The Bookshop of Yesterdays by… Continue Reading New Books 9/24/18

Sequoyah Award Nominees 2019

  Children and teens can vote for the next Sequoyah Award winning book!  The three masterlists below were created by the Oklahoma Library Association to appeal to children in a variety of situations, interests and reading levels.  The books on the masterlists are not intended to be an automatic recommendation of the books.  Students must… Continue Reading Sequoyah Award Nominees 2019

New Books 9/17/18

We may be biased, but our top pick for this week is companion to the PBS series, “The Great American Read.”  The Book of Books presents all 100 novels with fascinating information about each book, author profiles, a snapshot of the novel’s social relevance, film or television adaptations, other books and writings by the author, and… Continue Reading New Books 9/17/18

New Books 9/10/18

Almost weekly there are new publications portraying our politically polemic climate.  We don’t offer them all, but a few are on this week’s list.  From a Presidential Twitter Library to Judge Jeanine, you are sure to find something with which to agree or to be offended.   Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon… Continue Reading New Books 9/10/18

New Books 8/27/18

This week’s list offers several new science fiction books with dystopias, apocalypses, plauges and viruses, and even alien abductors.   In addition, there are some nonfiction books covering such topics as the worst sea disaster in U. S. Naval history,  Americans in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq,  Al Capone and Eliot Ness, and the reading brain… Continue Reading New Books 8/27/18

New Books 8/20/18

Choose from our latest selection of books that includes popular authors, next in series, and some outstanding nonfiction.   Becoming Belle by Nuala O’Connor The charming eldest daughter of a nineteenth-century middle-class military family reinvents herself to gain entry into London’s cultural and social circles before falling in love with a young aristocrat whose brutal… Continue Reading New Books 8/20/18

New Books 8/13/18

From the humor of Miranda Sings to the suspense of Catherine Coulter, this week’s small shelf offers a variety of reads.  Health, politics, slavery, cults, and North Korea are all part of the mix.   Bloody Sunday by Ben Coes CIA top special forces operative Dewey Andreas goes undercover in Macau, where he must foil… Continue Reading New Books 8/13/18

New Books 8/6/18

Disappearance is a recurring theme in this week’s list.  Two teens disappear from a small town, a boyfriend disappears abruptly, a young girl’s bunkmates disappear from summer camp, and a daughter disappears and is later found with no memory of what happened.  Check out these new books before they disappear from our shelves!   America… Continue Reading New Books 8/6/18