Meeting Room Policy

The meeting room may be reserved in compliance with the following regulations:

    1. Use of the meeting room is free of charge and available during the hours the Library is open. Library-sponsored programs and library-related activities are given priority should scheduling conflicts arise. Educational events and programs, patrons using the space for virtual interviews or work-study are permitted to use the rooms free of charge.
    2. Using the meeting room for a for-profit or private event requires a $10 per hour donation. The group or party is responsible for cleanup and will agree to pay for any damages or repairs needed in addition to their original $10. All for-profit and private events are to follow the same agreement and policies as any other group.
    3. A User Agreement form must be filled out, and the contact person making the reservation should be a member of the sponsoring group. The contact's name and telephone number and the meeting time will then be entered on the calendar. If required, donations must be made at the time the room is reserved.
    4. A small kitchen with a microwave oven, refrigerator, and sink is adjacent to the meeting room. Light refreshments may be provided by sponsoring group. Supplies and equipment in the kitchen are for library use only. Alcoholic beverages, nicotine products, cannabis, or illegal substances of any kind are not permitted. Users of the meeting room are asked to help maintain its cleanliness. If refreshments are served, the sponsoring group must sweep, take the trash out, and wipe down tables.
    5. Any lost or damaged furniture or equipment, or damage to walls, floors, or other parts of the room, is the responsibility of the sponsoring group.
    6. The Library's technical equipment must be arranged in advance and used by an appropriately qualified operator. Any damage to technical equipment is the responsibility of the sponsoring group.
    7. Groups may reserve the room for continuous use for no more than three months at a time. At the end of the three-month period, such a group may reserve for another three months if another group has not asked for the room on those dates. This use may not be daily.
    8. Any meetings that would be disruptive to the use of the Library are prohibited.
    9. Any sponsoring group's use of the library meeting room does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of that group's policies or beliefs by the Miami Public Library, the Library Board, or the City of Miami.
    10. Room occupancy is limited to:
      • Large Meeting Room: 50 people
      • Small Meeting Room: 15 people


Meeting Room Agreement

Fill out the Meeting Room Agreement online or stop by the Main Desk at the library to fill it out in person.