Donated items will be accepted by the Miami Public Library with the understanding that they may or may not be added to the collection.

Items added to the collection must meet the library's Materials Selection Policy.

Donated books and equipment become library property and are subject to library policy. Items which are not placed in the collection may be placed in the Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale.

The library cannot make appraisals on donated items; however, if the donor wishes to take a tax deduction, a letter will be provided which lists the number of books or items donated. The donor may estimate the value of the item donated, but the library will not retain records of value claimed.


A memorial gift is acknowledged by a card sent to the family of the person in whose memory the gift was given.

If the donor wishes a book purchased ($25 donation), a bookplate is affixed inside the memorial book designating for whom the memorial is made and by whom.

If a memorial donation of $100 or more is made to the Library Trust Fund, the names of the donor and person memorialized are added to the memorial display on our large TV across from the main circulation desk.

The minimum donation when the donor wishes the library to purchase a book is $25.00 or the list price, whichever is greater.

Gift books must be of a general nature and of value to the collection as a whole and must meet the criteria of the library's Materials Selection Policy.

Friends Book Sale

The Friends of the Miami Public Library hold book sales that benefit the library.  They also have a bookcase located in the library that is stocked with books for sale year-round.

Donated books for these sales are accepted at the library year-round.