Help Miami Public Library put the “unity” in Community in Ottawa County!

Become a library supporter today!

Miami Public Library (MPL) is a place where everyone can find themselves lost in the pages of a good book, joining in on a fun Line Dancing or Tai Chi class, playing chess or Dungeons & Dragons, and so much more. As a supporter of the library, you can help to ensure that the library continues to be a place of learning, growth, and adventure.

MPL is not just buildings with books- we are the center of community, learning, and growth. We provide programming that benefits everyone in Ottawa County, from young children learning to read to seniors exploring new hobbies. However, these programs can only exist with the support of the community. Here are some fun ways to get involved and help support library programs:

  • Attend library events: The easiest way to support the library is by attending events! From book discussions to story time for kids, Miami Public Library offers a wide range of programs that can be fun for people of all ages.
  • Volunteer: Libraries are always in need of volunteers, whether it’s helping with shelving books or assisting at events. You can even become a “Book Buddy” and read to kids at weekly story times.
  • Donate: We accept donations of gently used books, DVDs, and other media (be sure to check our guidelines first). You can also donate money to help fund library programs. You can also sponsor a reading challenge or an adult high school student!
  • Spread the word: Let your friends and family know about the great programs MPL offers. Share event information on social media or invite someone to attend an event with you. Swing by and ask us for a flyer, and hang it at a popular location in town!
  • Attend fundraisers: MPL and Friends of the Library hold fundraising events throughout the year, such as book sales or silent auctions. Attend these events to support library programs and have fun doing it!

By supporting Miami Public Library, you are helping to ensure that everyone in Ottawa County has access to the resources and programs they need to learn and grow. So get involved and help make a difference!

For more information, please call Director of Library, Arts, and Culture, Callie Cortner at 918-541-2292 or send an email to

Sponsor Opportunities

Youth Program Sponsorships:

  • Youth Program Champion
    • $1,500
      • 2 Sponsors Needed
    • Supports the summer reading program, providing presenters and materials for Ottawa County’s youth
  • Youth Program Advocate
    • $500
      • 4 Opportunities: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter
    • Helps provide the youth program with items needed to enhance library areas & literacy programs seasonally
  • Youth Program Promotor
    • $250
      • Monthly Opportunities
    • Supports monthly literacy outreach, programs, and reading challenges by providing new materials & informational support
  • Youth Program Supporter
    • $100 or In-Kind Donations
      • Monthly Opportunities
    • Supports monthly youth programs by helping provide materials, prizes & snacks

Adult Program Sponsorships:

  • Adult High School Champion
    • $1,500
      • Unlimited Opportunities
    • This sponsorship offers a scholarship spot and finances a graduation event for an Ottawa County Adult in need of a fresh start.
  • Program Pioneer
    • $250
      • Unlimited Opportunities
    • This funding can assist the library with new programs, speakers & presenters or help us match potential grants!
  • Reading Rockstar
    • $100
      • Monthly Opportunities
    • Supports monthly literacy outreach, programs, and reading challenges by offering new materials and informational assistance.
  • Bingo Buddy
    • $50 or In-Kind Donation
      • Monthly Opportunities
    • Keep our Bingo nights alive by donating funds or items for prizes!