Memorials & Donations

By choosing to remember someone special through a donation to the Miami Public Library, you're not just honoring their memory—you're also supporting a thriving community space that benefits everyone. It’s a heartfelt way to make a lasting impact!

When you make a donation in memory of someone, the Miami Public Library sends a thoughtful acknowledgment card to the family of the person memorialized, letting them know about your generous gesture.

For a donation of $25, you can choose to have a book purchased in memory of your loved one. This book will carry a special bookplate inside, noting both whom the book memorializes and who made the donation—a lasting tribute that library visitors will see for years to come. For contributions of $100 or more, the names of both the donor and the memorialized individual are proudly displayed on the library’s large TV across from the main circulation desk, as well as on the library’s memorial page online. And for those looking for something a little more permanent, memorial benches are available—just chat with a library staff member to get all the details.

Online donations can be submitted via the Friends of the Library's Zeffy Platform, while checks and cash can be dropped off at the Miami Public Library located at 200 N Main Miami, OK 74354.

To read more about our donation and gifting procedures, including material donations, please click here.

Current Memorials & Donations for MPL by Miami Public Library, City of Miami

Planned Gifts

You may wish to consult with an estate planner regarding these gifts and designations, including Charitable Remainder Trusts or Charitable Lead Trusts.

Invest in Our Future as a Planned Giving Donor with a Gift that will Keep on Giving

Just as you have plans for your retirement, your family’s well-being, your children’s and grandchildren’s education, and other estate planning matters, it is prudent and rewarding to plan the use of assets in your charitable giving. Planned gifts are investments — investments in your own charitable ideals and the future of our cherished community Library. A planned gift to the Miami Public Library helps to ensure that your hopes and dreams for the Miami Public Library will be realized for generations to come. At the same time, your generosity enables the Miami Public Library to continue providing books, materials, collections, services, and programs to some 36,000 Library visitors each year.

Planning a gift of assets with estate and tax implications in mind moves you closer to meeting your own financial goals. This plan also helps the library advance its mission to keep our treasured heart of Miami, our community Library, thriving, growing, and serving our community.

Please review our list of planned giving gift options that explain and compare the benefits of most common charitable estate planning gifts. We will be pleased to answer any questions about charitable planned giving. Together with your financial advisor and attorney, we can help you support the Library while helping you meet your financial objectives.

Miami Public Library's mission is to entertain, inspire, encourage learning, and foster connections that enhance our community. Your role as a Planned Giving Donor is vital to achieving this goal.

Gift Option Possibilities

Please consider the Miami Public Library in your estate planning. Some of the most common gifts are listed below:

- Fixed Dollar Amount in Your Estate Plan: An easy gift of designated cash.

Benefits to you: An income tax deduction toward your estate taxes.

- Gift of Designated Property, or a Percentage of A Property or Your Estate: Plan now by designating a specific amount or percentage of your estate.

Benefits to you: Estate tax deduction for the value of your bequest..

- Gift of Securities in Your Will or Estate Plan: A gift of mutual funds, long-term appreciated stock, or other securities.

Benefits to you: An income tax deduction for full fair market value, and you avoid capital gains tax for the designated amount.

- Gift of Retirement Plan Assets: Place Miami Public Library as the beneficiary of the remaining assets after your lifetime. Or donate unneeded withdrawals during your lifetime (after 59 ½).

Benefits to you: Avoid income and any estate tax on plan distributions, leaving more favorably taxed assets for heirs.

- Gift of Life Insurance: Donate a life insurance policy to the Miami Public Library.

Benefits to you: Immediate income tax deduction for gift’s value, plus possible estate tax savings.

- Charitable Remainder Trusts: Retirement income with fixed income. Create a charitable trust that pays fixed annual income.

Benefits to you: fixed income; immediate tax deduction; avoidance of capital gains tax liability on gifts of appreciated property; may provide tax-free income.

- Charitable Lead Trusts: An option allowing you to gift estate taxes on assets you plan to pass to heirs. Create a charitable lead trust that pays the Miami Public Library a fixed or variable income for a specific term of years; the principal is retained for your heirs.

Benefits to you: Reduces taxable estate; your family keeps the property, often with reduced gift taxes.

How to Remember Miami Public Library in Your  Estate Planning

Some suggested language that you may wish to use in your documents:

- Fixed dollar amount or a designated property:

“I give to the Miami Public Library (tax ID 73-6005323), located in Miami, Oklahoma $________(or describe the real or personal property, including exact location.).”

- Percentage of the estate:

“I give to The Miami Public Library (tax ID 73-6005323 ), located in Miami, Oklahoma, _______% of my estate.”

- Gift of Securities in Your Will or Estate Plan:

“I give to the Miami Public Library (tax ID 73-6005323), located in

Miami, Oklahoma, the following gift(s) of securities _______________.”

- Gift of Retirement Plan Assets or IRA Distributions:

“I designate the Miami Public Library (tax ID 73-6005323), located in Miami, Oklahoma, the beneficiary of a gift of my retirement plan assets in the amount of $________ or, at ______% worth of my plan.”

- Gift of Life Insurance:

“I designate the Miami Public Library (tax ID 73-6005323), located in Miami, Oklahoma, a ______ % beneficiary of my life insurance. “